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Brent Hess mixed martial arts

Message from Master Brent Hess: MiKiDo for me has of course been an art I love, more than that though, it has been a lifestyle. I think once people realize the lifestyle they TRUELY want to live, a life of health and energy and all-around confidence, they will see the real value in MiKiDo. I’m very blessed to be able to impact so many very special lives everyday, children and adults. So I see and I know. And I am a strong believer that peoples gained decision making skills and strong work ethic will carry on with them throughout their lives…So I’m happy with that. It’s an honor for me to share with my students the art of MiKiDo, something that has always impacted my life in a very positive and special way. I look forward to continue helping our community in every way that I can and spreading not only the MiKiDo name but MiKiDo philosophies for life. Much Love and Respect to my Family (Mike, Maria, Nicole Hess) and my extended MiKiDo Family, Friends, and Students.

Brent Hess
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Nicole Hess

Nicole Hess mixed martial arts

Nicole Hess, has more than 10 years of instruction experience and is in tune with each individual on how to achieve their personal fitness goals. She teaches our MiKiDo Women’s Boot Camp classes. Nicole has a full-contact kickboxing record of 19-0, and is currently the U.S. MMA Womens 125 lbs Champion. She stays active with community involvement and has worked extensively with Fairfax County Public Schools.
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Umaer Haq

Umaer Haq mixed martial arts

Umaer "THE BEAST" Haq Mi-Ki-Do Fighter and Champion Born and raised in Lorton Virginia, Umaer first started martial arts at the age of twelve. He started MiKiDo training with Master Mike Hess. Umaer holds twenty one national and international title belts and currently received his black belt in Mikido in 2010. He currently works with children and has hopes to continue teaching MiKiDo to youth. Umaer loves working with youth so much that he has become the instructor of “ The Future Champions for Life” Summer Program. In addition Umaer continues to represent his style of fighting and self defense, by winning numerous competitions in both kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. He has high hopes to become the best pro mixed martial artist to fight at 135lb. To visit Umaer's website go to

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Mike Hess

Mike Hess mixed martial arts

Mike Hess began practicing martial arts when he was twelve years old. Mike earned his first black belt while in the Army and has earned five additional black belts throughout his career in different styles. Mike was a kickboxing champion for 10 years and was rated fifth in the world. He was one of the first fighters to fight live on ESPN in the 80’s. He held the Virginia title for 10 years, and was and currently is an undefeated stick fighting champion. In 1982, Mike developed his own style of mixed martial arts, which came to be known as MiKiDo. A pioneer of MMA, Mike has run successful fitness and self-defense programs in the Northern Virginia area for more than 25 years. Mike has won more than 110 national and international kickboxing and mixed martial arts titles as a coach and has more than 500 tournament wins in fighting, weapons, forms and lightweight and heavyweight breaking competitions. He has been voted a top coach and part of a top team numerous times in his career. In addition to personally training more than 50 black belts in MiKiDo throughout his career, Mike has also trained and coached his family members, Maria, Brent, and Nicole Hess to black belts in MiKiDo Mike is currently a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records as a top amateur coach as the amateur coach with the most titles. He is in the process of transitioning proprietorship of the MiKiDo System to his son Brent. To visit Master Hess's website go to

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