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The Art of the Way

Excerpt 1: 

Every style has a way. A way of doing things that has been practiced and practiced over and over and over again. Did you ever think that maybe the content wasn't so much the test, as maybe the ability to endure was. That is what you gain from martial arts. If you have any reservations about wanting to try martial arts you really haven't looked inside yourself. It's a natural human movement to want to jump, kick, lift, punch, squat, roll, spin, etc. Why would you not want to do those things proficiently? Of course everyone looks at the fighting aspect of martial arts and either become intimidated or look down upon martial arts because of it. However, fighting in competition is something that you CHOOSE to do if you feel you are an elite athlete and you want to prove your technique and ability. Fighting in the street is something that at times with "verbal judo" (some call it) can be de-escalated and avoided. Fighting for self-defense is a necessity and nothing or no one should be put in front of your self-preservation. 

Having said all of this, now I can explain MiKiDo. We have, and have always had since our creation in 1982, a blended style with multiple arts. We were doing this before martial arts were mixed and it was the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that everyone knows today. Grandmaster Mike Hess has attained his blackbelt in 6 different forms of martial arts: 2 forms of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Arnis/Kali. His highest ranking black belt is his 8th degree in Oh Do Kwon presented to him by Grandmaster Brooks Mason. 

Mike Hess has been competing in, teaching, and putting on mixed martial arts events before just about anyone in the VA/DC Metropolitan area. Through hard work and determination come everyting that you truely push to acheive. The MiKiDo Competition Team over the course of nearly 35 years now, has attained 117 national/international title belts, and is still counting. We specialize in correcting body movements, which is an aspect of Crossfit that I am personally a huge fan of. For this reason we also have Crossfit style practices/classes within MiKiDo. But more specifically and to bring the movement to a higher level of thinking, we must use it against another person (or two or three). Those are the kinds of movements that you really would like to have in your back pocket, but never have to use. So as to not leave you with a blank stare on your face looking at a computer screen, I will end this excerpt by saying....Live, Love, Learn, and Leave a Legacy -- Much Love and Respect -- MBH