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MiKiDo Foundation

The MiKiDo Youth Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia under the guidance of the Hess family has been assisting local and international communities and charities since 1984.

The Hess family started giving locally by organizing fundraising activities such as martial arts demonstrations, food drives, community self defense seminars and collecting donations (can food, medical supplies, clothes, school supplies) to assist many organizations over the years such as a Patrick Henry homeless shelter, D.C Rape Crisis Center, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes Foundation,  Alexandria city and community programs, Fairfax Country community programs and the Womens Center of Alexandria.

MiKiDo Internationally has since 1995 sponsored Valley Feliz, an orphanage in Santo Domingo, Ecuador by making yearly donations of clothes, schools supplies, food, medical supplies and in 2009, a large refrigerator.  MiKiDo also supports a large soup kitchen for the homeless and elderly in Quito, Ecuador

The Hess family has also made several trips to Central American countries such as Belize, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Honduras mainly concentrating on helping the youth with school supplies.

Today, 26 years later, the MiKiDo Foundation is continuing with their community service. Master Brent Hess and the MiKiDo family have recently offered several FREE self-defense seminars to D.C. Adults and Youth. The Fairfax County Big Brother program also invites MiKiDo to come and do a free demonstrations for the less fortunate youth in the area.

Nicole Hess and Umaer Haq also teach MiKiDo classes year-round to kids and adults at the Chiquapin Alexandria Community Center.

To help the MiKiDo Foundation with ideas for charity and where it might be used most efficiently, or to donate, please call (703) 922 -0060 or contact us by email.  We sincerely thank you in advance on behalf of MiKiDo and also those in need, for any help and assistance that you may offer. 


MiKiDo Team Donates to Costa Rica Boxing Program Master Mike Hess presented boxing equipment to Mr. Manuel Leiva, head coach of the Costa Rican Boxing Amateur Team located in San Jose, Costa Rica. These supplies donated on behalf of Brent and Nicole Hess, instructors of the MiKiDo Mixed Martial Arts Center in Alexandria, Virginia will help the young fighters in their training at the boxing gym. Brent and Nicole Hess are currently MMA amateur champions and are very involved in community service as they follow their parents footsteps in helping others.

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