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To schedule your first class, you can call us at (703) 922-0060 or simply come by the MiKiDo Center at Bailey’s Crossroads no later than five minutes for your class time and sign in. Be sure to dress comfortably and bring a small hand towel. Be ready to enjoy learning and working out in an exciting environment with great people.

mikido cage fitness

DOWNLOAD COUPON Not since Tae Bo has a fitness program taken hold in America the way that Cage Fitness has as of late. MiKiDo Cage Fitness is designed to channel this enthusiasm to help men and women get into shape quickly and efficiently. Cage Fitness designed and tested by nine-time UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, is a workout like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A 30-minute, 5-round workout targets all areas of the body and includes cardio, flexibility and strength training. MiKiDo Cage Fitness is a complete fitness system that is based on the structure of a championship Mixed Martial Arts bout. What this means is that Cage Fitness will give you a total body workout over five, 5-minute rounds. During the rounds, students will have their own exercise dummy like the ones that MMA fighters use to train. “The key elements that Cage Fitness focuses on are endurance, strength, power and core. It works on muscle confusion which is also a very key element to losing those stubborn extra pounds” said Hughes. After speaking with Hughes over a period of a several years, Brent Hess was selected to represent Virginia, and MiKiDo MMA and has become the area’s only licensed location to offer Cage Fitness. FREE demonstration classes are now available. For women and men needing to kick start a fitness routine, or just add some variety in their workouts, MiKiDo MMA Center (Bailey’s Crossroads) has the answer you‘ve been looking for. MiKiDo is very proud to announce its newest cutting edge workout designed for men and women that want to get in the best shape of their lives. The MiKiDo MMA Center is the first officially licensed location in Virginia to teach CAGE FITNESS.