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IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship

2001 - Over 200 Amateur Kickboxers from across the USA met this last weekend in Olathe/Kansas City Kansas, USA (September 7th, 8th & 9th) for the Largest Kickboxing event EVER (Number of competitors) in North America. "SEVERAL" Stories will be posted when our staff returns from the Nationals next week but we know you can't wait that long to see who all "SHOWED UP" and who all "Walked The Walk" instead of just "Talked The Talk..." However, for those who want to know who took home over 60 TRUE, USA Championship Titles and Belts, we posted them below as well.

So here they are everyone. The results of one of the greatest gatherings of amateur kickboxers EVER in the History of the sport.

There you go fight fans... What a weekend! We have a "TON" of great fight stories to tell you about this past weekend along with posting all the bout scores, decisions, KO & TKO times etc. This way you can see who won by KO's or decisions, etc. etc. Everyone knows about the title belts for this event (Shown below) but wait till you hear what RINGSIDE INC. gave everyone! What great gifts!!! This event had so many great things about it, we may have to post another page when we start posting articles next week! The officials, the trainers, fighters, fans, event staff, sponsors, the facility etc. etc... all have something to be proud of...

They ALL "Walked The Walk" at an event that set new standards for the sport.
For Additional information about the champions contact MiKiDO Mixed Martial Arts.