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The MiKiDo system was established in 1982 by grandmaster and fight coach Mike Hess.Master Hess not only holds black belts in five different martial arts styles (Taekwondo, Judo, Mudokwan, Karate and Arnis/Kali), he has also coached his way to earn more than 120 national and international championship title belts within MiKiDo. These achievements are a direct result of the dedication, hard work and discipline of our students and competitors. MiKiDo is dedicated to the highest level of instruction and guidance and our accomplishments are proof of our passion for this sport. MiKiDo MMA is a family-oriented center where everyone works together to achieve the goals they never thought possible. Our MiKiDo instructors consist of proven champions, as well as teachers and mentors. To visit Master Hess's website click here.