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Brent Hess victorious on Shogun Fights V

It was an electrifying night at Shogun Fights V for all of the wonderful MiKiDo Family & Friends who made it to Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena, an event that was broadcast nationwide on Comcast Sports Net. With over 80 strictly MiKiDo fans in the crowd of almost 3,000 people total, it was a loud and memorable entrance for the young master Brent Hess in his professional mixed martial arts fighting debut. Entrance song for the champ: Party Rockers!

 Both fighers coming from striking backgrounds, the fight started off with alittle feeling out from both fighters, with Hess landing the more effective strikes. After feeling some of Hess' striking power, Wilkins clinched up with Hess against the cage, at which point Hess decided to take the fight to the ground with a quick double leg takedown.

 After bringing the fight to the ground Hess maintained control throughout, using some of his MiKiDo Cage Fitness to his advantage. Hess landed multiple elbows and punches to his opponent, before pulling off a move that had the crowd and announcers stunned. The Inverted Triangle is a Jiu-Jitsu move that is rarely seen in MMA Competition, but Hess quickly applied the technique and bombarded his opponent with hammerfists and punches until the time ran out in Round 1.

 Round 2 proved to be a continuation of Round 1. Starting off the round with some quick strikes, some spinning techniques, and a double leg tackdown from Hess. Once on top however, this time Hess finished his opponent half way through Round 2, overwhelming his grounded opponent with punches until he was no longer defending himself. The photo above: Hess center cage after being pulled off by referee.

 Fight ends with UFC Referee Kevin Mulhall calling a stop to the action at 3:26 of Round 2 due to unanswered strikes/punches from Hess. This was one of the most exciting fights and displays of technique throughout the night. Hess also got "Quote of the Night" by Shogun Fights in the post-fight interview, by playing down the inverted triangle and saying "Oh that's just something my dad taught me, we go over it all the time" (Shogun Fights CEO John Rallo: "What a dad you have Brent Hess!"). The MiKiDo Team continues to be victorious in and out of the cage, now having attained 110 national/international championship title belts under the coaching of Master Mike Hess. All while the MiKiDo Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center is also positively influencing the community of Baileys Crossroads/Arlington/Fall Church, VA. Classes for Children, Women, and Adults of all ages and fitness levels are continuing to grow in popularity, and MiKiDo (meaning "My Powerful Way") is greatly affecting and helping many lives. On behalf of MiKiDo MMA Centers Inc. and the Hess Family we want to sincerely thank all of our MiKiDo Family, Friends, and Students for coming out to support Brent Hess and the MiKiDo Team for this momentous event in our history.