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MiKiDO Champions win Titles in VLF 16 Cage Event

March 2009 MiKiDO Champions win Titles in VLF 16 Cage Event. Brent Hess and Umaer Haq

Brent Hess, MiKiDo MMA Instructor, wins a 3 round unanimous decision cage fight. He dominated his opponent on the ground and standing up, surprising the crowd with his amazing signature spinning hook kick landing solidly on the face of his opponent.

Umaer Haq won a 5 round title defense of his 135 pound title belt. His match was very exciting and Umaer Haq at the end of the night was awarded “Figher of the Night” out of 34 competitors.

Coach Hess is “just getting his fighters some tune ups to prepare for the World Classic Tournament”. Brent & Umaer hold the #1 World Rankings in the ISCF Amateur MMA Rankings.

Great Job MiKiDo MMA Center!