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Kicks for Cancer II Results

Kicks for Cancer II Results, East Coast Cafe, Woodbridge, Va.

On Saturday, March 8, 2003, the Mi-Ki-Do team participated in the second Kicks for Cancer tournament and displayed a multitude of skills in the various fights that evening.

Nicole Hess

15-year-old Nicole showed why she's the best young kickboxer in the country by defeating 24-year-old Jill Izzo of William Varner's academy in Virginia Beach. She won a unanimous decision, marking her fourth victory of the year. In this battle Nicole also put on the best display of technique that night.

Charles Crenshaw

Freestyle Mi-Ki-Do fighter Charles Crenshaw defeated Gracie Jiu-Jitsu's Mike Overstreet in a fast-paced no holds barred match, which ended with Overstreet's corner throwing in the towel.


Sam easily dominated his opponent in the second no holds barred fight of the evening and ended the match with a choke tapout.


Mi-Ki-Do amateur kickboxer Todd Hughes fought professional kickboxer Ryan "The Lion" Madigan. In the third round Hughes caught Madigan with a textbook round kick that cut the eye of Madigan.

Other Mi-Ki-Do members on the fight card were Tony Fuller and Joe Coffie. Brent Hess, Umear Haq, and Jennifer Cutler were scheduled to fight, but their opponents failed to show up.

Special thanks go out to Mr. and Mrs. Hess of Hess Fitness, Inc.