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Champion Nicole Hess wins North American Kickboxing Title

On February 4, 2005 in New York City, Nicole Hess represented the USA and won a unanimous decision over an undefeated Canadian opponent. Seventeen year old Nicole Hess moves up her Kickboxing record to 17-0/7 KO’s and Eleven Titles!

Write up from WKA website follows:” Next came Team USA's Nicole Hess versus Team Canada's Misty Sutherland. Both came out for Round One with strong kicking, but Hess scored with a fancy spinning back kick after an inside wheel kick. Sutherland started connecting with kicks at the start of Round Two but took a hard right cross to the head from Hess, who then dropped her with a strong kick and finished the round with a couple of good leg kicks. Hess got in a right kick to Sutherland's head to start the third round, though the Canadian remained alert and tried hard to up the pressure. Still, Hess kept beating her to it, and while Sutherland started to look stronger, Hess ended the round with good punching and a strong foot jab. Sutherland did manage to kick Hess's leg out from under her at the start of Round Four, but Hess again got in a hooking high kick, and then toppled over an off-balance opponent at the end of the round.

The final round started with a spinning high kick from Hess. Sutherland scored with a left hand but Hess came back with a round kick to the inside right thigh, then another hook kick to the head and hard punching to Sutherland's face. Hess was then awarded an easy unanimous decision. “