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After competing in the WKA USA Championships and the IKF North American Championships Coach Hess adds five titles (2 titles in WKA & 3 titles in IKF) to the MiKiDo Camp. The MiKiDo Amateur team traveled to Orlando for the 2005 IKF North American Kickboxing Championships In August. They won three titles. The new MiKiDo Champions are Isabelle Kendall, 9 years old, Jonathan Schweinefuss, 9 years old and Kodie Richards, 11 years old, other team members that advanced to the finals: Kellen Phillips, 9 yrs. old, Umaer Haq (WKA USA Champion), Naeem Brewington, Kyle Staten and Charles Meyers

The MiKiDo team is coached and trained by Master Mike Hess who has won 49 National & International Titles in the last five years making him one of the top kickboxing coaches and trainers in the U.S. with four undefeated grand champions. He takes newcomers and experienced fighters and turns them into champions! The team also has competed in Mixed Martial arts and grappling matches. Mike & Maria Hess recently received a Community Service Award.

A special thanks to all our sponsors for believing in our team!