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Nicole Hess Defeats Gold Medalist Lynda Loyce

FIGHT REPORT – Fresno, California – Saturday , March 12, 2005

Nicole Hess, 17 year old MiKiDo kickboxing champion, recently defeated Linda Loyce from Fairtex Muay Thai Gym in California. Loyce recently won a Gold Medal in Thailand and is considered one of the best female fighters in the world. That is until she fought 17 year old Nicole Hess a champion of the MiKiDo Team from Alexandria, VA who won a 5-round decision. Nicole now has 12 titles and has a record of 18-0 with 6 KO’s. “We went to California to beat the best and bring the title back to the MiKiDo Camp just as planned!” says her dad and coach Mike Hess. The MiKiDo coach now has 43 titles in Kickboxing and over 400 wins in Karate Tournaments, a record not soon to be broken. Nicole was voted Best Female Fighter of the Year and was also recently on Hot 99.5 radio as well as being featured on Channel 9 CBS news. When asked what was next for his daughter Master Hess said, “college, just like her brother Brent Hess, who is 14-0 with 7 titles.”

As far as the fight went it was a very exciting fight between the top female fighters. Both camps came well prepared for it and they put on a good show! The fights were sanctioned by the California Athletic Commission that was very professional and the promoter Paul Metayo did a very good job. This was our first time fighting in California and we have to admit that we were a little worried about us coming from Virginia to California to fight Lynda, so we knew we had to fight our hearts out.

Training: Nicole trains hard for all her fights putting about 2-3 hours a day 6 days per week, Coach Hess was assisted in the training by Kickboxing Coach Joe Morton and Boxing Coach Willie Taylor.

Weigh-In:The contract weight was 125 lbs., the weigh-in took place at about 10:30 am on Saturday. Nicole with her clothes on weighed in at 123 lbs. , Lynda in her undergarments came in at 126.5 lbs . Lynda offered to go run and lose the weight we said that it's OK that we will fight like that.

Fight Night: The ladies were the Main Event of a nine bout card. The crowd was very lively with a lot of Fairtex fans. Coach Hess was assisted in the corner by Brent Hess also an undefeated MiKiDo Champion with a 14-0 record. As far as the fight itself it was a well fought bout, Nicole was the aggressor and was successful at making Lynda miss her low kicks as she moved side to side and in and out. As far as the punches they both threw good combinations, however Nicole's were stronger . She was also able to block most of Lynda's high kicks. Lynda seemed a little frustrated and didn't want to come in as much, Nicole hung in with Lynda in the clinch and traded knees with Lynda which is her specialty. In the first round in the clinch Nicole threw an uppercut that landed clean but the referee told her that she cannot punch in the clinch so she figured that was a California rule so that took away her punching ability in the clinch. She was successful in connecting straight kicks to Linda's body and landed a couple of head kicks. It seemed Lynda was surprised about Nicole's ringmanship at only 17 years old. Nicole didn't back out and she chased Lynda all over the ring especially in the last round . The crowd in Fresno was friendly and seem to enjoy the fights.