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2006 MiKiDo Black Belts

Master Hess starts his competition season by promoting six of his dedicated students to MiKiDo Black Belts: Jennifer Groebner, biologist, Tamie Dickson, school teacher, Nick Reuter, 13 yrs old, Jonathan Forbes, 12 yrs old, Tushar Kamath 11 yrs. old.and Kellen Phillips, 11 yrs old. They have been dedicated various years learning the MiKiDo System which is a blend of KickBoxing, Grappling, Self Defense and Weapons such as Kali/Arnis from the Phillipines, nunchakus, bo, kama, sai and tonfa .

They demonstrated a variety of empty-hand forms, weapons, self-defense, breaking and kickboxing and grappling techniques. The MiKiDo family is very happy and proud of their accomplishments.

The Northern Va. Community presented the Hess Family Mike, Maria, Brent & Nicole with an award for their continuous dedication in the martial arts and community services.