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2006 MiKiDo Competition Team

The MiKiDo Competition Team will begins their season by competing in the CSC East Coast Championships on June 17, 2006 in Fredericksburg, Va. Nicole Hess will be making her debut in Mixed Martial Arts or Submission Grappling and Umaer Haq will also be competing in a Mixed Martial Arts bout for the East Coast Title.

The 2006 MiKiDo Competition Team will compete in the following events:

WKA North American Championships in Hampton, VA in July 20-23

IKF World Classic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July 28-30

USKBA World Championships in Rahway, NJ in September 2-3

WAKO US Classic in Va Beach in September 15

Master Mike Hess starts the season with 51 National and International Titles and leading the top amateur team in the USA. “We have a good group of competitors in the 2006 season, the ages range from 7 year old boys & girls to adult men and women who will be competing in the different categories of Kickboxing, MMA and Grappling championships. We are stepping up our training a notch up” says Coach Hess. The MiKiDo team has four undefeated Grand Champions.