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MiKiDo Team Wins at the 2006 Knockdown Sabaki Challenge

It was very commendable of this team as they competed in a different set of rules and they adjusted successfully. “MiKiDo is very versatile”, Master Hess says, “we take our team and compete in different styles and win”. Coach Hess has been very successful in the kickboxing style, winning 51 international and national titles, making him the top Coach in the USA.

The Tournament was a well run event, the Enshin Karate people were very friendly. It was also a pleasure and an honor to meet Grandmaster Joko Ninomiya founder of Enshin Karate and Nematollah Mazhari, promoter of the Sabaki Challenge.

The MiKiDo team will continue to compete this coming year. Thanks to all our parents, sponsors for their support, especially Five Guys, Morgan Cherry and Sonny Alexander.