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MiKiDO Team Wins Five Matches in the East Coast Brawl

The MiKiDo Team coached by Master Mike Hess looked very impressive at the East Coast Grappling Championships and the East Coast Brawl on Saturday June 17, 2006 at Fredericksburg, Va.

Everyone was anxious to see Nicole Hess the 125 pound kickboxing champion back into competition, she currently has a undefeated kickboxing record of 18-0. As her MMA opponent backed out at the last minute she went on to compete in her first Submission Grappling tournament.

Nicole defeated her first opponent who weighed 170 pounds by points, she went on to defeat her second jiu-jitsu opponent by submission, her third match she won by rear naked choke and her final match was one of the most exciting matches of the tournament,                

Nicole fought a Lloyd Irvin student, a 250 pound heavyweight woman and took her the distance with a 0-0 score in overtime. Many instructors and students in the crowd said that Nicole was the best female fighter of the tournament.

MiKiDo Champion Umaer Haq won his MMA match with the quickest tap out recorded so far in 16 seconds of round one. Jonathan Braxton also won his first fight in Muay Thai with a knee to the ribs in the second round by KO. The MiKiDo Junior Team fought each other getting the crowd pumped up to start the show.