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MiKiDo Team win in and out of the ring

Summer 2007 - Coach Hess won four titles during the summer of 2007 giving him a total of 65 Amateur Kickboxing Titles. The three champions: Umaer Haq won two titles, an MMA and kickboxing title, Jonathan Schweinefuss and Kellen Phillips won kickboxing titles.

To become a champion you need discipline, hard work and a good attitude. MiKido training can start an early age. But winning in the ring is not the only thing that Master Hess stresses. He also sees the importance of education, especially college for his kids and students. When a MiKiDo fighter finishes high school, Master Hess tries to help them through college!

A lot of them come back years later and thank Mr. Hess for pushing them through school and karate class. “I just want to treat my students like family and hope that they all be successful one day” Brent Hess will be graduating in December with a degree in Business Management and minor in Marketing. Nicole is a junior pursuing a Criminal Justice degree, both specializing in Spanish also. Brent and Nicole have multiple titles in Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Umaer Haq and Kyle Staten are also pursuing their college degrees.