Brent Hess featured to fight once again on Shogun Fights VII


Master Brent Hess will continue to fight for MiKiDo and establish his name within the immense national professional MMA fighting community. He is undefeated in his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting career and hopes to make each fight as exciting as the last. One of the largest and classiest mixed martial arts events on the east coast, Shogun Fights has proven time and time again to be a night of fights that is a must see for ALL. Spectators, fans, and MMA enthusiasts alike, do their best to attend the amazing Shogun Fights and agree that it's entertainment and fun at its best. Brent Hess has taken the past couple Shogun Fights' by storm, stopping his last two opponents in the first or second round. He has been putting on great performances in the cage, and with his rigorous and specialized MiKiDo training, looks to continue putting on impressive displays of MiKiDo technique.

Tickets (in the MiKiDo section of the arena) for Hess' next fight on Shogun Fights VII are now at the MiKiDo Facility in Baileys Crossroads (3443 Carlin Springs Rd, Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041). It will certainly be an event that you do not want to miss! This is a MUST SEE local fight in Baltimore, Maryland at the 1st Mariner Arena; You never know where Hess will be fighting next! Come out and support Brent Hess and the MiKiDo Team. If you have any questions simply come by our facility to find out more general information about the event (specific times, hotel, fight card info, amenities at the event, after-party, etc.) As always Much Love and Respect

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