“Mike Hess – Founder and Creator of MiKiDo in 1982 envisioned
the future of Mixed Martial Arts”

“At MiKiDo Mixed Martial Arts Center,
from small benchmarks to big goals,
we are here to help each person as
an individual and member of our
MiKiDo Family!

We are creating a Legacy!”

"In MiKiDo you can find “Your Powerful Way” – Body, Mind & Spirit!”

MiKiDo is a unique mixture of stand-up and ground fighting arts. At the MiKiDo MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Center, we provide a family-oriented physical training facility that specializes in improving the lives of children and adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Over the years, MMA has gained worldwide popularity and revolutionized the way people think about martial arts. It’s not about just kicks and punches anymore, it’s about giving people a vision, passion, and form of discipline in their life.

We see ever-increasing numbers of parents encouraging their children to participate in MiKiDo MMA because it provides them with discipline and challenges them both physically and mentally. One of the key teachings of MiKiDo is learning respect for others and oneself. MiKiDo is not just a seasonal thing, nor is it something that you forget about. MiKiDo is an activity that sticks with the individuals who practice it and it influences them positively, both in and out of the gym.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced fighter training to win the Lightweight World Title, a mom releasing stress after work or a child testing his or her mental and physical abilities, MiKiDo provides health and wellness to all who practice it.

MiKiDo System - A blend of various arts:


The art of delivering blows with hands and feet

Jiu Jitsu

The art of grappling


The kicking and punching art from Korea


A popular sport in Thailand


The most popular martial art in the Philippines, stick and blade


Variety of weapons from different countries: arnis, nunchaku, bo, kama, sai, tonfa, samurai sword


The art of throwing


George Billy

“The Juggernaut”

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training, MiKiDo Adult Training, MiKiDo MMA, MiKiDo Private Training.

Instructor George Billy is an active MiKiDo MMA athlete. He has now successfully defended his Cagezilla 125lb Championship title more than any other competitor in the organization’s history. George Billy has been helping lead classes for 5 years now, in both kids and adult programs.. He leads with passion and enthusiasm to help teach the knowledge that he has acquired through MiKiDo and his earlier years of wrestling training. Instructor Billy values the passion and knowledge shared between teachers and students. Martial arts has elevated his competitive edge and has helped him find purpose and passion. With the free time that Instructor Billy has, he enjoys playing the piano, fishing, outdoor adventures with his dog, and drawing.

Boramy Outhuok

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training.

Alum and Instructor Boramy Outhuok earned his 1st Degree black belt in MiKiDo, training in MiKiDo since he was 6 years old. Boramy at 17 years old now enjoys dedicating his time to instructing kids in the values engraved in MiKiDo. He describes teaching as fun and exciting. He loves how everyone at MiKiDo is a family. It has helped him a lot with things outside of the MiKiDo doors, such as school and other sports. In his free time, Boramy enjoys playing soccer and working out.

Chris Hoang

Instructor of: Personal Training.

Chris Hoang is one of MiKiDo’s personal trainers, competitors, and youth instructors. Trainer Hoang has a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals. He values hard work and discipline. He enjoys working with MiKiDo because of the values they enlist to their members. MiKiDo has impacted Chris in a great positive way that allowed him to impact others through his work. He loves all things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, and Submissions. Also in his free time he enjoys the outdoors and likes his early morning runs.

Umaer Haq

"The Honey Badger”

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training, MiKiDo Adult Training, MiKiDo MMA, MiKiDo Cage Fit, and MiKiDo Private Training.

An expert in Grappling and Boxing, Umaer Haq is a decorated athlete in his competition career. He has won title belts such as: IKF national kickboxing title, 2x IKF MMA Champion, 2x WKA MMA Champion, WKA Thai Boxing title, WKA World Kickboxing Champion, and quite a few more! With over 18 years of instruction, Umaer Haq is very passionate about sharing the arts with others to create duplicatable results in their life. Martial Arts has helped him to overcome and grow on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. He values MiKiDo’s sense of family and being a tight knit group that goes much beyond being a training center. MiKIDo has helped him find his very own Powerful Way impacting him and playing a big part in who he is today. From MiKiDo & the Hess family, he has learned and gained self respect, discipline, honor, integrity, confidence, love and respect. MiKiDo taught Umaer how to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and gave him the mindset to make anything that he puts his mind to happen. With his free time Umaer Haq now enjoys building businesses, walking his dog, traveling, and helping others achieve their goals.

Noor Kabbani

Instructor of: MiKiDo Women.

Kabbani has specialized in boxing and is an ACE certified trainer. She has had the pleasure of teaching recreational boxing for years. She hopes to one day pursue training to compete herself. Kabbani has been a personal trainer for 4 years and a coach for 3 years. She enjoys working with MiKiDo because she believes that it’s truly a welcoming space for all types of fitness levels and MMA pursuits. MiKiDo has taught her discipline and how to control her breathing. Aside from coaching, coach Noor loves powerlifting.

Jerome Villanueva

Instructor of: MiKiDo Adult Training;MiKiDo MMA,MiKiDo Private Training, Personal training.

He has specialized and earned credentials in wrestling, kickboxing, grappling, Judo and Karate. Jerome Villanueva was a D1 Wrestler and has earned many titles such as 2009 ISCF Champ and Copa NOVA Champ. Adding to his experience, Villanueva also has a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate. He is a certified law Enforcement Physical Fitness Instructor, Law Enforcement Defensive Measures Instructor, and Personal Trainer. Villanueva has been a coach for 10+ years. He loves being able to share his passion and seeing the improvement in people. He enjoys working with MiKiDo because MiKiDo has a family environment that is welcoming and strives to help everyone reach their goals. Mixed martial arts has given him a sport to indulge in after he finished competing in college wrestling. When he is not working at the gym, Villanueva enjoys baking, art, music, traveling, and hanging with friends & family.

Alvin M Mercer II

Instructor of: MiKiDo Adult Training, MiKiDo MMA, MiKiDo Private Training.

Alvin Mercer is one of our instructors specializing in Kickboxing/Muay Thai. He has won titles such as IKF National Kickboxing Champion, 2x Thai Championship Boxing Champion, and multiple time Cagezilla 145lb Champion. He also has big wins in the professional MMA arena for Shogun Fights. Mercer has been instructing for 3 Years, and has such a love for the arts. He enjoys instructing because he says “It’s something special when you’re able to pass it on and change someone’s life”. There are so many things Mercer loves about MiKiDo. MiKiDo has positively changed his mentality towards life. It reinforced the discipline that had been instilled in him since he was young. Mercer believes that “If you put the work in, then anything and everything is possible.” When Alvin Mercer is not in the gym he really enjoys watching movies. Fun fact - he goes to the movies the day of weigh-ins because it helps time go by fast.

Nathaniel Doby

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training, MiKiDo Adult Training, MiKiDo MMA, MiKiDo Cage Fit.

Instructor Doby, enjoys all aspects of MMA and has achieved his Black Belt in MiKiDo. Nathan has been instructing at MiKiDo for about 4 years, but started training MiKiDo (along with his brother and two sisters) when he was just in middle school. Having enjoyed the instruction he received while working toward his Black Belt, he aspires to help others achieve higher belts and push others to be better versions of themselves as he has. Nathan enjoys being part of the MiKiDo community. A community where there is mutual support, a positive atmosphere, and where training sessions are fun. MiKiDo and MMA in general has taught him self-discipline and how to be resilient in all aspects of his life. When he is not in the gym instructing or on his studies, he enjoys watching his favorite tv shows, going on nature walks, and playing video games with friends & family.

Devin Hanneman

Instructor of: MiKiDo BJJ/Grappling Instructor.

BJJ coach Devin Hanneman is a student and instructor for martial arts friend to MiKiDo, Ryan Hall (UFC athlete). He instructs classes in a very methodical manner, explaining the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Grappling arts. Making sure students know the ‘why’ behind the fundamental movements in a standing or grounded grappling scenario.

Faris Salah

Instructor of: Personal Training.

If you have trained with coach Faris you 100% had a great workout and felt the benefits of his awesome energy. MiKiDo has had a significant impact on his life, from self-defense to overall fitness and well being. It has put forth a great positive structure for his routine, as well as helped him to understand the importance of patience. Faris is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness coach. He has been instructing for 5 years, and specializes in striking/boxing & overall fitness. He says MiKiDo has a special place in his heart for always treating him like family since day 1. In Faris’ free time he enjoys freerunning/parkour (he is quite good) and outdoor hikes.

Bobby Sidney

Instructor of: Personal Training, CageFit, Massage Therapy.

Bobby is a longtime member turned trainer at MiKiDo. He has more than 20 years of instructing and training experience. He was a professional dancer in his earlier years, and has now concentrated his expertise as a massage therapist and trainer. He is an NASM certified personal and group trainer, as well as a MiKiDo CageFit instructor. Bobby enjoys helping anyone through training, because it helps them to live a happy and mobile lifestyle while doing the things they love. If he had one word to describe MiKiDo, it would be ‘family’. When you start training at MiKiDo you become part of this larger family, truly what a family business is. The camaraderie of friends and family training together has truly made Bobby stronger and a better trainer himself. In his free time he enjoys traveling, dancing, wrestling, and frisbee.

Tony Robinson

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training, MiKiDo Adult Training, MiKiDo MMA.

Master Tony is a 4th degree black belt in MiKiDo, and one of the longest standing instructors teaching at the MiKiDo Center. Having had most of his training in earlier years with Grandmaster Mike Hess, he has a vast knowledge base and technical teaching methods. He earned his 1st degree black belt in 2003, so Master Tony has just about 2 decades of instructing experience now under his belt. MiKiDo has provided him with challenges to overcome, accomplishments, knowledge, friendships, and team building, which he also experienced in his years with the US Navy. MiKiDo has greatly influenced his life for the better, and he now wishes to give that experience to his children as they learn the MiKiDo system. When Master Tony isn’t at MiKiDo he enjoys spending time with his family, as well as working on his creative writings.

Bryan Carlos-Casiano

Instructor of: MiKiDo Kids Training, MiKiDo MMA.

Bryan has been a great addition as a MiKiDo instructor and really enjoys helping our younger students to reach their goals. MiKiDo has been a 2nd home to him, he has felt a sense of family, true movement towards progress, and something that he always looks forward to in his days. The two most valuable lessons Bryan has learned from his MiKiDo training have been knowing the importance of consistency, while also remembering the importance of patience. Bryan does very well in school, is progressing in his MiKiDo belt rank, and in his spare time he enjoys helping out with his younger siblings.


May 1982

MiKiDo System was founded by Grand Master Mike Hess

Nov 1982

Kali/Arnis started in Virginia

Visionary Master Hess introduce Kali/Arnis to Virginia, USA. He trained with legendary Masters Leo Gaje, Dan Inosanto, Master Sayoc, Fred Ocampo & Tom Bisio

May 1983

MiKiDo Amateur Competion Team

The Competion team including the Master/Coach started to compete in Regional Tournaments winning trophies in medals in Forms, Weapons, Forms, Sparring and Team Competion that continued thru the 80's

September 1984

MiKido Foundation established

MIKIDO FOUNDATION's purpose is to support, fund and promote programs and activities that empower and youth, women , family and seniors , especially in at -risk environments. 1st donation to Alexandria Homeless Shelter.

March 1985

Kali/Arnis Seminars

Visionary Master Hess introduce Kali/Arnis to Virginia, USA . He trained with legendary Masters Leo Gaje, Dan Inosanto, Master Sayoc & Tom Bisio

May 1986

MiKiDo Amateur Competion Team

Grand Master Hess & Maria Hess lead the way competing in Regional Tournaments winning throphies & medals in Forms, Weapons, Forms, Sparring

September 1987

MiKiDo Amateur Competition Team

The Competition Team Tournament Champions winning trophies in medals in Forms, Weapons, Forms, Sparring

April 1988

1988 Super Kid of the Year

Brent Hess wins "Super Kid of the Year" and performs a Weapons Form.

August 1989

GM Mike Hess wins 1st Place in National Championship

Won 1st Place in the World Full Contact Stickfighting Championship in Odessa, Texas. Maste Dan Inosanto & Leo Jage where the judges.

June 1990

MiKiDo Self Defense Seminars

Started offering to the community Self-Defense Seminars, community centers, schools, companies and we continue to empower our community

July 1993

Tour to Thailand & Indonesia

The Hess Family traveled to Thailand and Indonesia to get to know the culture, explore and train in the martials arts. Trained with the Asian Olimpic Team In Bali, Indonesia

November 1993

Attended Historic UFC #1

Attended Historic UFC #1 supporting the Gracie Family. Mike & Brent Hess trained with Rickson Gracie. MiKiDo became good friends with the Gracie family and learned much of the grappling/jiu-jitsu arts directly from Rickson Gracie.

March 1994

Maria Hess UFC Translator for Legendary Heliio Gracie

Mrs. Maria Hess was the first EVER translator for the UFC. She translated for Grandmaster Helio Gracie after his son Royce had won the first several. GM Mike Hess and Maria Hess attended the first 6 UFC events.

May 1994

Brent Hess 1st degreee Black Belt

Brent Hess 8 Yrs old obtained 1st Degree Black Belt.

August 1995

MiKiDo Ecuador Tour

MiKiDo Team traveled to Ecuador as part of a cultural exchange, held seminars, demonstrations and took donations of clothes, medical supplies and food for Valle Feliz Orphanage and Senior Centers.

August 1997

MiKiDo Team Competes in Regional Tournaments

From 1995 to 1998 the MiKiDo Team competes regionally in Kickboxing, Judo, Grappling, Kali ad Tough Men competitions testing the MiKiDo Skills

February 1999

MiKiDo IKF East Champions

MiKiDo Team traveled to Florida to capture to titles by Adam Sylvia & Hussein Sidky won East Regional Kickboxing Titles.

July 2001

MiKiDo For Everyone

MiKiDo over the years have benefited women, men and children and even people with disabilities such as Veronica Meadows who lost her sight.

September 2001

MIKiDo Team win National Titles

2002 IKF/Ringside U.S. National Amateur Kickboxing Championship, Nicole Hess the Junior Girls Bantamweight Title , Brent won for the Junior Boys Featherweight Title, Adam Sylvia won the Men's Cruiserweight Title.

September 2002

MIKiDo Team win National Titles

2002 IKF/Ringside U.S. National Amateur Kickboxing Championship,Nicole Hess the Junior Girls Bantamweight Title , Brent won for the Junior Boys Featherweight Title, Adam Sylvia won the Men's Cruiserweight.

November 2002

MIKiDo Team win 3 North American Titles

MiKiDo Team members Brent Hess, Jarett "JP" Perelmutter and Adam Sylvia won IKF North American Titles Kickboxing Championship.

September 2003

MIKiDo Team win National Titles

MiKiDo Team members Brent Hess, Nicole Hess , Jarett "JP" Perelmutter, Umaer Haq and Amy Wilson won National Titles in respective weight classes at 2003 IKF/Ringside U.S. National Amateur Kickboxing Championship.

August 2004

MiKiDo Team Win Titles

MiKiDo Team won 8 National Kickboxing titles during the summer of 2004 n the IKF and WKA Championships.

November 2004

Female Fighter of the Year

At 17 years old Nicole Hess was voted Female Fighter of the Year by "Karate Weekly" the same year George St. Pierre also won that award for the Male Division. Nicole Hess at 16 years old win Muay Thai Title in the Adult Division

February 2005

MIKiDo wins North American Title

Nicole Hess captures WKA North American Title in NYC.

July 2006

MIKiDo Team win 5 National Titles

MiKiDo team add another 5 Titles in National Competition.

August 2007

MIKiDo Team win 4 National Titles

Coach Hess won four titles during the summer of 2007 giving him a total of 65 Amateur Kickboxing Titles.

June 2008

Brent & Nicole Hess train with legendary George St. Pierre

June 2008, MiKiDo Champions Brent Hess and Nicole Hess had an opportunity to train with World Famous UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre during this summer.

May 2008

MIKiDo Team win 2 MMA Titles

ISCF World Classic Title Belts -MMA Champions Brent Hess & Umaer Haq.

March 2009

MIKiDo Team win 4 National Titles

MiKiDo Team members Brent Hess, Nicole Hess , Umaer Haq won Four (4) titles in the VLF League in March and May 2009.

April 2009

MIKiDo MMA Centers Inc._New Location

MiKiDo opened it's Center in Baileys Crossroads, Va. In April 2009.

May 2010

MIKiDo Team win 3 MMA Titles

ISCF World Classic Title Belts -MMA Champions.

October 2010

Brent Hess wins at Shogun

Brent Hess won his MMA fight at Shogun Fights in Baltimore, Md.

December 2010

MIKiDo starts Supporting Second Story (Non-Profit)

MiKiDo starts supporting Second Story (Alternative House) a organization that transforms the lives of children, youth and their families by providing safe havens and opportunities for them to grow and thrive.

January 2011

MiKiDo Participates In The NBC 4 Health Expo

MiKiDo is proud to participate in the 18th Annual NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo. Located at the Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. on January 15, 2011.

March 2011

MiKiDo brings Cage Fitness to Virginia image-1

By request of 9X UFC Champion Matt Hughes, Brent Hess becomes the first person to bring Cage Fitness to Virginia.

October 2012

MiKiDo Grand Master Mike Hess Promoted to 8th Degree

Grand Master Mike Hess was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt by Grand Mast Brooks Mason. His Black Belts Leaders were in attendance to watch this historic moment.

November 2012

MIKiDo wins "Small Business of Year Award"

Brent Hess & MiKiDo MMA Centers won "Small Business of the Year Award" at the Small Business Expo in Washington D.C. This annual achievement is the highest honor and is given to a small business that has demonstrated success over an extended period of time. This company must be local and have a history of great accomplishment.

September 2013

MiKiDo donates to Valle Feliz

GM Mike Hess and Master Brent Hess on behalf of the MiKiDo Foundation personally visited and donated supplies and clothes to the Valle Feliz Orphanage in Ecuador S.A. which have been supporting since 1993.

January 2014

MiKiDo Youth Wins Grappling Championship

One of our youth competitors after winning Gold at the US Junior Grappling tournament. The look of vigor and good energy flowing through your body after a victory looks amazing here on young Juan Antonio, as well as his father behind him looking on with love and pride. At MiKiDo, from small benchmarks to big goals, we are here to help each person as an individual and member of our MiKiDo Family.

April 2014

Grand Master Mike Hess seminar at MiKiDo Inc.

Founder and creator of MiKiDo Mike Hess held a seminar teaching advanced martial arts techniques as well as weapons training (Arnis/Kali) in a safe and technical approach.

February 2015

MiKiDo Team

MiKiDo Team keeps winning titles and tournament competitions year after year lead by Coach Brent Hess.

April 2016

MiKiDo Supporting Community , Arlington County Public Schools

MiKiDo leading Annually the Colors of Leadership Conference for Arlington County Schools.

June 2017

Brent Hess inducted in "Cagezilla" Hall of Fame

Master Brent Hess was voted and inducted to "Cagezilla" Hall of Fame.

May 2018

Brent Hess makes History in "Cagezilla"

Master Brent Hess becames first person in Cagezilla history to win the 145 lbs title himself , as well as coach two different fighters to attain the same Championship Belt.

August 2018

MIKiDo Inc. wins "Veinte Award"

This award was presented to us by DCBX an organization that specializes in the empowerment of all people from different countries, races, ethnic backgrounds, and the like.. The 'Veinte Award' recognizes organizations that have had a positive and impactful influence in our communities and their development for more than 20 years.

March 2019

GM Mike Hess guest Speaker in International Forum

Everyone has their own ‘Powerful Way’ MiKiDo has been helping people to find theirs for almost 4 decades now. Just this week Grandmaster of MiKiDo Mr. Mike Hess was invited to be a guest speaker via livestream to the International Congress of Citizen Security and Emotional Intelligence. We are honored and proud to see such great progress, and certainly for helping our communities around the world.

December 2019

MiKiDo reaches 131 Titles

MiKiDo Competition Team reaches a record setting 131 Titles!

January 2020

MiKiDo Team training for competions

MiKiDo Team continuing to find their Powerful Way @mikidoinc , training with great energy , having @thewinningblueprint is essential to your success in your physical, mental and spiritual life!.

March 2020

MiKiDo Self Defense Seminars @ IDB Headquarters in Washington

MiKiDo offering various Self Defense & Empowerment seminars at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C since October 2018 until early 2020.

December 2020

MiKiDo & MiKiDo Foundation support communities during COVID

During this unprecedent period we are experiencing, MiKiDo & MiKiDo Foundation are support communities during COVID by fundraising and donating to much needed communities locally and internationally.

March 2021

MiKiDo develops Zoom classes for Community Safe Youth Program

In collaboration with Second Story, Master Brent Hess along with another MiKiDo Junior instructor Mr. Boramy Outhuok, have been leading virtual MiKiDo classes for our youth weekly. We’re so thankful that our youth have a positive way to relieve stress and have fun at home during these trying times!

June 2021

MiKiDo Team reaches 133 Titles!

MiKiDo multi-time champion George Billy successfully moves up to battle a bigger opponent on 6 days notice for the Catchweight 130lbs title belt. He won in a dominant display, closing the show in Round 3 by TKO. MiKiDo captures 133rd title belt for the record books.

July 2021

MiKiDo Future Champions Summer Program

MiKiDo Inc. holds very successful camp weeks during summer. Our camps teaches and encourages children to focus, respect, be disciplined, and have confidence as well as practical skills that they will carry for a lifetime.

August 2021

MiKiDo Team training for competitions

MiKiDo Team continuing to find their Powerful Way @mikidoinc , training with great energy , having @thewinningblueprint is essential to your success in your physical, mental and spiritual life!

November 2021

MiKiDo Youth Empowerment Program

Our program working with the wonderful youth of Second Story has been a total success starting up this fall season. A select chosen few get to participate in an after-school program that emphasizes physical fitness, character development, and skill building. Many SAY they are helping within their communities, but at MiKiDo we are people of ACTION

December 2021

MiKiDo & MiKiDo Foundation support communities

During the year of 2021 including December 2021 we have supporting poor and needy communities in Ecuador, Honduras and USA by bringing some holiday cheer!

May 2022

40th Year Anniversary of MiKiDo

40th Year Anniversary this year. A system of martial arts, training habits, and community atmosphere that has shaped and positively impacted so many lives, both young and old. we are working to continue providing a space where everyone's Powerful Way can be found, as we have now for four decades, long live the pioneers!!



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