MIKiDo Adult Training

Have you ever been totally confident about your punches, kicks, grappling/submission techniques, ability to get up off the ground, jump or move quickly..? Why would you need to might you ask…

We’ve developed a training program over the years that can develop you as a competitive champion athlete OR just be the secret that keeps you feeling your strong confident self on a day to day basis. The goal of this program is to put every student on the path to achieving their own perfection through practice. There is a saying that goes:

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind and body remain dormant. There is a fuel inside us all that needs to be ignited.”

Our goal is to ignite that fuel and allow you to use your full potential. To watch your growth in the martial arts and fitness lifestyle, that will amplify your mind, body, and spirit. Our program is one of the most comprehensive, consistent, and well-rounded training programs ever offered for mixed martial arts.

We also offer weapons training as part of our MiKiDo curriculum if you wish to pursue further training in that area. We teach all major martial arts weapons as you progress through our different levels of training, starting with the Arnis/Escrima Stick (a Philipino weapon).

What are the MiKiDo classes like?

(First 15 min of class) Every class starts off with a warm-up, working the three core body parts: legs, abs and upper body. Stretching all of the necessary muscles out will follow exercises. Stretching is a valuable part to maintaining your blood circulation and total all-around body flexibility that is key to a fighter’s success.


Our kickboxing program follows the MiKiDo curriculum and is based off of American, as well as Muay Thai kickboxing. Basic and advanced self-defense drills are covered in this program. Bring a friend so you can enjoy working together with partner drills. You will learn a ground-up approach to develop your most important punches, kicks, movement and footwork skills that fit your body. Ideally, we would like everyone to enjoy both kickboxing and grappling throughout the week.


MiKiDo grappling involves a mixture of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Judo. This portion of our MiKiDo curriculum follows an exciting series of grappling techniques at each specific belt level that you must have learned and applied to pass to the next level. One of the most important assets when learning grappling techniques is having good partners. As a family-oriented gym, MiKiDo provides an environment where everyone is working together to have fun while at the same time achieving similar goals.