MiKiDo Cage Fitness

Whether you are in great shape, just starting to work out or if this is part of a past or present New Year’s resolution, CAGE FITNESS is the perfect combination of fitness and fun. Your workout will include five 5-minute “rounds” of workout action that is specifically designed to help tone, strengthen and reduce all of the typical problem areas of concerned adults. The combination of cardio, muscle toning, and muscle confusion is sure to get you in the BEST shape of your life. We have many of our MiKiDo members leaving class telling us how they lost 1000 calories in the workout, or more!

It’s important to note, that this class is certainly a go-at-your-own-pace type of workout. This is the reason that an elite MiKiDo competitor, a mom, and a teenager can all do the same class together, while each individual is pushing their own personal, physical, and mental limits. Make sure to show up at least five minutes before your class and bring three things: 1. A towel 2. Water or something to drink (we also have water and Gatorade for purchase at the gym) 3. A good attitude because this is one TOUGH workout!