MiKiDo Kids Training

There is no better feeling in the world than watching your child become a leader. With that comes confidence, self-control, focus and a happy child inside and out. A psychological study found that children who study martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self-esteem. Our program not only teaches children MiKiDo techniques, but important life skills as well.

Our MiKiDo Kids curriculum is developed from more than 35 years of teaching and working with children of all ages and physical abilities. Our Instructors are CPR-certified and take the utmost care with your child’s well-being.

Mini Mongoose Program (Ages 3-7)

This class will instill important yet simple exercise/stretching habits that can benefit your child for a lifetime. Mini Mongoose students will learn basic MiKiDo martial arts fundamentals as well as improve important motor skills. Part of being comfortable in your body as you age/develop, is understanding how it works. How you can move it, protect it, and make it stronger. MiKiDo Key Focus Points (Mini Mongoose):

  • Coordination
  • Teamwork
  • Memory
  • Self-Control

Future Champions Program (Ages 8-13)

The MiKiDo Kids curriculum is consistent with our Mini Mongoose as well as our Future Champions Program. What changes with our Future Champions Program is the way in which your child will learn. Along with becoming a leader comes responsibility. Helping to build good habits is something we pride ourselves on at MiKiDo. Maintaining a strong physical self, while also having the mental focus & strength to help one overcome obstacles. Our MiKiDo Future Champions are also able to participate in more complex and detailed drills and activities. They will learn and develop their basic martial arts skills and begin to grasp advanced techniques as they progress. This program is separated into Level 1 for beginner students and Level 2 for intermediate & advanced students. MiKiDo Key Focus Points (Future Champions):

  • Self-Confidence
  • Focus
  • Fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Memory
  • Body Control

Future Champions Summer Camps

MiKiDo Martial Arts Summer Camp teaches and encourages children to focus, respect, be disciplined, and have confidence as well as practical skills that they will carry for a lifetime. Children will make friends, participate in character development activities, and most importantly they will learn to defend themselves.

Our camp designs multiple weeks of enjoyable and creative activities that empower our participants through martial arts. Children will be challenged through fitness exercises and improve their range of motion and body awareness through mobility exercises. They will learn martial arts skills from a beginner’s level. Not only will our participants engage in self-defense activities but also participate in different fine arts activities. Throughout the week our campers will be encouraged to show their creativeness through different arts and crafts activities. We seek to generate a positive environment where everyone can have a good time and build friendships. Our camp also includes a field trip and excursions such as laser tag/ arcade.

Usual camp hours are from 9 am to 5 pm or 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.depending on summer camp location. MiKiDo will provide snacks and water throughout the day. Our camper’s health is our top priority. We are mindful of food allergies and health conditions. Before the start of the camp, we are requiring each parent to fill out a health evaluation form for their child. Lunch is not provided, therefore, each camper is responsible to bring their lunch every day.

MiKiDo Birthday Parties

MiKiDo Birthday Parties is a fun and exciting way to celebrate a child’s birthday with their friends. Participants will have an opportunity to have fun and take a martial arts lesson and enjoy fitness games and other activities. See below the packages we offer and Please send us the form to reserve and register for a MiKiDo Fun Birthday Party Experience!

MiKiDo Birthday Service

10 people

Package 1

Event can be on a Saturday or Sunday. Each birthday can provide a 2–3-hour slot.

  • 45-minute Basic Martial arts class

  • 2 (team/Friend bonding) activities

  • Instructor supervision during entire party

  • Rest Area where kids can enjoy a meal and relax

  • Permission to bring in decoration, party favors, food, and drinks. Permitted in designated areas.

  • Birthday champion belt

  • Whole gym access

  • Table and seating

  • $8.99 for every additional person

10 people

Package 2

Event can be on a Saturday or Sunday. Each birthday can provide a 3-4 hour slot.

  • 1-hour Basic Martial arts class

  • 4 (team/Friend bonding) activities or MiKiDo T-Shirt

  • Instructor supervision during entire party

  • Rest Area where kids can enjoy a meal and relax

  • Permission to bring in party favors, food, and drinks. Permitted in designated areas

  • Birthday champion belt- (buy these in bulks and get it personalized with the words “happy birthday”)

  • Decorations for a Mixed Martial Arts birthday party will be provided: plate, cups, tablecloth, napkins, & happy birthday sign. (you can buy these off amazon for about $30, but will be included in the package)

  • Whole gym access.

  • Table and seating

  • $14.99 for every additional person