MiKiDo Masters Black Belt Test


A BIG congratulations to our MiKiDo Masters this past weekend at their Black Belt Testing Ceremony! These senior level MiKiDo Black Belts displayed several different sections of their MiKiDo curriculum including empty-hand katas, weapons forms, and high level board breaking. The test was run by Grandmaster and founder of MiKiDo Mike Hess. He was very happy with their performance and the great turnout of people that were present on this very special day. These black belts are the leaders of MiKiDo and run several different MiKiDo programs in the Nothern Virginia area. The MiKiDo team would like to thank everyone that came out to show support and witness a piece of MiKiDo history! The MiKiDo black belts that tested for this event were:

Rob O'Heran - advanced to 2nd degree black belt
Jennifer Groebner - advanced to 2nd degree black belt
Francisco Reyes - advanced to 2nd degree black belt
Maria Hess - advanced to 3rd degree black belt
Tony Robinson - advanced to 4th degree black belt
Brent Hess - advanced to 5th degree black belt

Don't forget, MiKiDo will also be hosting our Future Champions Summer Camp soon starting in July! If you have not registered yet we still have a few spaces available for each week so be sure to sign up ASAP. The camp runs from 9-5 Monday-Friday with an option for early drop off or half day sessions! Children between ages 4-12 are welcome in our action packed camps that cover multiple different styles of martial arts, crafts and cool activities like our bullying awareness seminar! Registration is available online at or through our phone number at (703) 922-0060. The summer camp weeks that are still available for registration are:

Week 1 (July11-15)
Week 2 (July 25-29)
Week 3 (August 8-12)
Week 4 (August 22-26)