MiKiDo Women ONLY Training

This is a year-round no-nonsense program that will allow for students to achieve weight loss and muscle tone development. MiKiDo has been dedicated to helping women achieve their utmost potential when it comes to their physical and mental well-being for more than 35 years. The MiKiDo Women’s Bootcamp program is an exciting and fun class for ladies of all ages and fitness levels. This class is sure to speed along your fitness goals for this year and be the stress reliever that you NEED in your weekly routine. Don’t delay these goals any longer.

MiKiDo Women Only Class – Thursdays

After much anticipation, we are bringing back our super popular women's program, but now it will be EXCLUSIVE to ONLY ladies in the MiKiDo facility from 6:30 to 8:00pm on Thursdays (including MiKiDo instructors and staff). We are excited to get the ladies back feeling their best selves. STRONG, HEALTHY, and HAVING FUN! With our exclusively women's only program, feel the freedom to come in let your hair down, de-stress, and get fit all together.

MiKiDo Womens Programs
A fitness program designed by women for women!
Stars May. 20 MiKiDo Training Center
3443 Carlin Springs Road Bailey's Crossroads, VA
Join us for a cross-training & kickboxing based class
for fitness, self-defense, and body toning!
Packages start at $85!
What you'll need:

1. Dress confortable in athletic clothing
2. Small tower for sweat
3. Thirst quenching beverage (if desired)
4. A good motivate attitude!

*Only women will be allowed inside MiKiDo's Facility during
this class (Including MiKiDo instructor and staff)*

Questions or reservations at: info@mikido.com