MiKiDo @ Cagezilla 52, earning two more titles now 129 title belts!


More than 90% of everyone kids/adults training at MiKiDo do it simply for the fitness and energizing feeling it gives your body every week, never intending to compete in the sport. However, the MiKiDo Competition Team has been busy lately. Through hard work and mental toughness enduring weeks of training camps, we certainly hit the ground running after summertime and are better for it! We've had several debut fighters getting their first wins inside the competition arena. Also some more experienced MiKiDo competitors attaining 2 more title belts October 13th, Pasha Luganski (155lbs Champion) and Ryan Patterson (145lbs Champion).

This adds to our record-setting title belt count, bringing it up to 129 title belts and counting! We also have some big things coming in competition news. We have some athletes competing Dec. 15th in Cagezilla (Dulles Sportsplex, Sterling, VA), and on January 19th MiKiDo will be a part of the first ever Cowboy Fight Series (Hylton Performing Arts Center, Manassas, VA). Cowboy Fight Series (CFS) is an all amateur organization put together by THE Donald 'Cowboy' Corrone. He is coming off a big UFC welterweight win over Mike Perry at 170lbs, and rumor has it he is making his way down to the lightweight division next to take on Conor McGregor at 155lbs.

The goal of CFS will be to cultivate and display amateur fighters correctly before they make their jump into the professional leagues (UFC, Bellator, XFC, etc). Cerrone is bringing his first show right here to Virginia, will be in attendance, and will be the first ever amateur fight series on UFC Fight Pass. MiKiDo will once again be a momentous part of history. If the deal can be finalized through UFC, we will be the first EVER amateur fight on UFC Fight Pass with George Billy (125lbs Champion). We will also have at least one other MiKiDo fighter Ryan Patterson (145lbs Champion) fighting on the card. Tickets will be available at MiKiDo Center (3443 Carlin Springs Rd. Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041). Stay tuned!